10 Minute Email: The Easy And Efficient Way To Get In Touch

Are you struggling to find the perfect email to send? Feel like there are so many out there that it is hard to decide which one to use? Fear not, this blog post is all about how to write an effective and efficient 10-minute email.

10 Minute Email: The Easy And Efficient Way To Get In Touch

10 Minute Email: The Easy And Efficient Way To Get In Touch

Number one: use a template. Templates are so helpful because they save you the time of putting all those little pieces together yourself, and they are just as easy to personalize. When I write an email it’s usually about something work-related, like introducing myself or asking for feedback from someone on our team. So I like to use templates that have already been created for introduction emails or feedback emails.

Number two, be exactly what you are asking the recipient of your email. It’s easy when we get an email from someone and they just need help with something very unclear – “I need advice on my résumé.” But when you ask someone about their time, you want to be as specific as possible. Instead of just saying, “I need help with my resume,” ask something like www.hotmail.de, “Would you have 15 minutes on Tuesday at 12:00 PM EST so I can review your resume?”

Number three: keep it short and sweet! You don’t have to keep talking about how great they are or what you did for them. Keep your email short, get to the point quickly and concisely, and ask if there is anything that needs to be clarified in the future.

Number four: add a call to action! One of my favorite things to do is when someone is adding a call-to-action to their email. It is sometimes difficult to know what to do next, so it helps if they give you something like, “I would love to have this meeting as soon as possible.”

Number five: be professional! It’s often easy to show our emotions while writing an email, but try not to be emotional. For example, don’t say, “The meeting has to happen this week!” Instead, say something like, “I’d love if we had the meeting sooner rather than later.”

Number six: use the subject line creatively. When we send an email, it’s important to use a good title that will grab the recipient’s attention immediately and get them to open your email. Instead of just using “Hello”, you could perhaps put something like “You crossed my mind” or “I was trying to reach out to me” in the subject line.

Number seven: stay carefree! As soon as we send an email, we sometimes know that they do not suit us or that they are not interested in what we have to offer.


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